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Welcome to Coco Eden’s Shopping Cart Page.  Our business performance is based on your business now and in the future. We are totally committed to ensure our products arrive with you in the most pristine condition and that when it arrives you will appreciate the quality of our packaging and speed of service so that when you get your delivery yo will want to buy from us again.. Please don’t forget that if your shopping cart containing our products is for a special person or occasion, then please remember to include the gift wrap service on your order if required.  We hope to see you soon and thank you once again for shopping with us at Coco Eden.

Our Business Benefits and our Aim

Benefits – The horticultural content and scents for all Coco Eden Artificial Flower Arrangements and Fragrances have been specifically been created with you in mind. We truly understand the importance of having beautiful things around you. Coco Eden specialise flower arrangements that are both visibly and with our fragrances, sensually perfect to make you feel good about your own health and wellbeing both at home and in the working environment. 

Our Aim – We understand that maintaining authenticity and wellbeing is paramount, so as masters of visual concept we carefully select the right flowers to go into our Gift Boxes, Crystal Vases and our Silver Vases. This means that you or the person you want to buy our product for, will totally appreciate its splendour from the moment its taken out of its packaging and put into the location of your choice, to be admired by all, for years to come.

We truly recommend to complete this Purple Heart Roses Signature White Gift Box experience, both visually and sensually, to include one of our in plant fragrance collection from our Fragrance Shop.

We know you will totally appreciate this Coco Eden product and our business model is based on your repeat business and total satisfaction.